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Lights & Landscapes Of Northern Norway

Lights & Landscapes of Northern Norway is nature documentary on the seasonal diversity and beauty of Northern Norway. The film is composed by ten individual time-lapse animated episodes. Each episode has its own main theme and displays either a) arctic seasons (Winter Lights, Silence) b) seasons changes (Arctic Spring, Approch Of Winter) or c) special natural light phenomena (Arctic Moonlight, The End of The Polar Night, Northern Lights). Chronological combined the episodes tells the story of one “Arctic Light-year” in Northern Norway.

The production of "Lights & Landscapes of Northern Norway" took about 4 years. Several scenes shot at challanging natural conditions e.g. at temperatures below -30 degree or strong winds. For to document "Arctic Spring" I spend a 40 days period a remote logg cabin at Lake Leina. Lake Leina is probably one of the most remoted locations in Europe and can only been reached from the Norwegian side by either snow scooter in winter or boat (summer). 

LightsAndLandscapes 5Jan2024 HD.jpg
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