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Winter Landscape.jpg

At present, I created about fourty time-lapse animated nature films. Selected titles are listed below. Please also check my credits at IMDb.

AAFT 20Oct 2020 Vimeo 500kb
Tittle Glimpses Of Ice
Flying Angels 22Nov 2019 500kb
Approach of Winter 1June Lookout 2June2021 5Laurels Liten
Poster Lights&Landscapes Of Northern Norway
Titel Aurora & Artemis 20April 2022
Arctic Moonlight 16Dec2021 2_Laurels
Photosphere 300kb
The End Of The Polar Night Laurels Goedoeloe 15April2020
AAFT Titel Awards 17Juni 300kb
Title The Polar Night 23April0014
610_Titel Sleepless Arctic Nights 1Mal2021
606_Titel Approach Of Summer 31Mai2021
605_Titel Arctic Spring Lake 1Mai2021 Centered0000
604_Titel Arctic Winter Lights I 1Mal2021
609_Titel Arctic Winter Lights II 1Mal2021
Freezing November 12Nov2021
Tittel LookOut Transpire 10Des2019 Liten0001
Sea Fog 11Jan2022
Titel NovBlues
City Lights Final_2
Titel Winter Mountain Rhapsody Centaur
Titel Lake Saimma 500kb
titel Island 500px0004
Titel January Lights3

A first selection of my timelapses are now available at NIMIA.


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