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It`s a great honour that my film "An Arctic Fairy Tale" qualifies as a "Finalist" (Nominee) at the famous BLOW-UP · International Arthouse Filmfest · Chicago!

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For me autumn is the best season to experience Northern Lights! Particularly, when snow-covered summits tower over autumn coloured landscapes. When unfrozen lakes still mirror Aurora and moonlight illuminated night sceneries. When Northern Lights lighten up the night sky so bright that autumn leaf colours appear out of the dark. Fairylike nights at the campfire.

Thanks to Sascha Ende ( for his fantastic music!

Great News! My film "Trilogy Of Immobility", three time-lapse animated short films taken from my balcony in Tromsø by telezoom, was selected for the Carpathian Mountain International Film Festival (CMIFF). Many Thanks to Sascha Ende for his fantastic Music!

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